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Space Milkshake wins BEST picture and Billy wins BEST Actor!

JjWrQWVCongratulations to Space Milkshake and Billy Boyd!  Both won big at the 2013 Scare-A-Con in Syracuse, Space Milkshake won BEST Picture and Billy picked up BEST actor for his role as Anton!

Video of the Space Milkshake panel with bloopers!

If you missed the Space Milkshake panel at the Vancouver fan Expo, here is a video which includes a great blooper reel!

and just the blooper reel

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Some Space Milkshake news!

From the Space Milkshake faceboook, Space Milkshake will be screening at a some film festivals and conventions this spring!

1.  Newport Beach Film Festival, April 25- May 2

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Get lucky and meet the stars, who will appear for surprise visits.  

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See Dorothy and the Witches of Oz!!!

Tomorrow night, come out to the AMC Mayfair Mall 18 Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a special screening of “Dorothy and the Witches of Oz” at 7:00! Leigh Scott, Eliza Swenson, and Barry Ratcliffe will be in attendance, and a flying monkey!

Yes, you heard right. Stick around after the movie for a Q&A hosted by Ryan Jay Sucher from WeSeeMovies Reviews! You won’t want to miss it. Also tomorrow night, join Dorothy and the Good Witch (Paulie Rojas and Noel Thurman) for a special screening of the film at the 20 Grand Theater in Omaha, Nebraska at 7:00! There will be a Q&A and meet-and-greet after the film.

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Space Milkshake Wrap party!

SpaceMilkshake-Billy wrappartyAn artist who is working on Space Milkshake has posted a small blog with some photos of the after party. You can read his blog at the SOURCE!

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Amanda Tapping talks about Space Milkshake and Billy Boyd

Spacey billyTell me more about “Space Milkshake.” I laugh every time I see the trailer. When is that coming out?
Hopefully April. It’s a comedy. We had an absolute blast making it, but part of the fun of the tease of “Space Milkshake” is everything that we’ve sent out in terms of twitpics and this teaser doesn’t tell you a thing about the movie and I actually think that that’s brilliant. When we filmed this teaser I thought, “This is awesome. You still have no idea who these people are.”

So people can assume they’re on a spaceship and they don’t get along, but that may not be it at all is what you’re saying.
Right. I think we have put it out there that we are crew members on an orbital sanitation station, not even a spaceship. It’s a sanitation spaceship, which is just worse in so many ways. And I think it’s pretty clear from the teaser that we may not necessarily all be getting along at this point in time.

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More info on Billy Boyd’s Space Milkshake!

454531940 - CopyI just found this interview with actor Robin Dunn who talks a bit more about the movie and a bit about Billy as well!

Kristin Kreuk, Billy Boyd, Amanda Tapping: Space Milkshake pictures

373260_214117275287634_1426180207_nIt has been quite some time now since it was announced that the Armen Evrensel science fiction comedy movie Space Milkshake was set to be made. Now it seems that they are making quite some positive progress, with filming underway. Thankfully, there have been a number of pictures released from the set of Space Milkshake, from building the set to the stars involved.

Space Milkshake centres around a group of space workers who are on a rundown orbital sanitation station, when they come into some trouble after salvaging a peculiar device from the wreckage of the space ship. As well as directing Space Milkshake, Armen Evrensel also wrote the screenplay for the movie, which has developed quite some interest among fans.

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NEW! Billy Boyd in Space Milkshake trailer!

Holy crap!  *swoons*

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