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Bid on a signed Billy Boyd tie for charity!


$_58 (1) $_58 (2) $_58You can bid on a ties Billy has worn and signed for the charity,  Male Cancer Charity Auction.  See it and bid on Ebay HERE


Billy’s voice on the new Children in Need Adverts

Billy is no stranger to charities as we know, and he also no stranger to Children in Need.  In 2007 he and his band, Beecake played an acoustic session on BBC Radio Pudsey the 26th of November 2007.   The show was looped throughout the day and money donated was given to Children in Need.

And according to several tweets, folks have heard Billy’s velvet voice on the new Children in Need adverts now airing in Scotland on the BBC!

Billy Boyd to record an E-story for iPad!

On Friday May 18, Billy Boyd, Pippen in Lord of the Rings, will begin recording the second book ‘The Legend of Mordekai Hagg’ in an Edinburgh recording studio, to raise funds for children’s cancer charity – Clic Sargent.  The Legend of Mordekai Hagg is due for release in July.

The books are available for purchase in hardback/paperback at www.thetalesofmordekaihagg.com and on the Apple AppStore.  Billy Boyd will be available for interview and photo opportunity at Red Facilities, Timberbush, Edinburgh, at 5pm on Friday May 18.

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Billy Boyd to help homeless dogs in LA

tumblr_l3lfwoeM2w1qboi9vo1_500Celeb Charity event with Adrian Paul, Billy Boyd and Uwe Boll – hosted by Tara Cardinal

Up and coming Hollywood actress Tara Cardinal has teamed up with Dark Delicacies Bookstore* again for another red carpet charity fundraiser.

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More Billy Boyd Charity and In Toronto!

d4b25724c677e8bcfb062e6fd4ba93e161dddb0.pjpgAccording to Bata Shoe Museum on Twitter, it seems that Billy is donating a pair of his shoes to the Shoe Museum in Toronto along with Dean McDermott!

So I assume he will also be in attendance at the screening of Ecstasy in Toronto on Saturday as well!  I will be there, as I won the trip to the screening!  Thank you Rob Heydon!!  XOXO

New Vid Clip From Beecake’s Beatrout Gig

Another new video clip from Beecake’s recent Beatrout gig. This time it’s a brand new song called “Blessed Eyes”. Thanks to Kirsty for allowing us to use her clip. Possibly more vids on the way!

New Video Clip From Beecake’s Beatrout Gig

A new video clip from Beecake’s gig for the Beatrout Charity has come to our attention!   We would like to thank Kirsty for allowing us to use her video clip of “Lost Direction”  This time from a different angle.

Cute Blog report about meeting Billy Boyd!

From the girl who took the 4 videos from the charity gig, she also gave me permission to post her blog, I’m sure you will agree its adorable and funny!

How I Met Billy Boyd

Possibly long story of how I met my hero, Billy Boyd:

Thursday night: I was on Facebook and Billy Boyd’s band page, Beecake, posted that they were having a last minute gig for charity in Glasgow on Saturday. I was supposed to leave Scotland Saturday afternoon. Well, that definitely wasn’t happening anymore. My ticket was changed (for $295) and I will now be leaving on July 7th. And going to see Beecake.

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Article about Billy Boyd at the Eilidh charity concert

beeecakeStars in tribute to cancer victim Eilidh

Jan 17 2011

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A wee Billy Boyd update!

897430.datBilly performed at the Eilidh Brown Memorial Concert, yesterday but we havent seen any news or information on it yet other than a few twitter posts about him being there.   We are still watching for some pics or news.

It seems that ECSTASY is now on IMDb

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