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Billy Boyd: From Hobbit To Beecake

11369169Actor, musician, surfer, martial artist, hobbit…  Read more about Billy and Beecake’s next weekend live performance Here

Introducing BEECAKE!

1425663_10151989611692528_1356843381_n“One might argue that their success is largely due to an actor in their midst. I would personally argue against that. Despite having Billy Boyd as front man, Beecake’s fans are chiefly fans for the music. Their sound is a smooth indie-rock, with side-long rolling synths and Beatles-esque chord changes. Their sound is full and perfectly orchestrated. Strong lead vocals are supported with floaty backing vocals and interspersed with jangling tambourine and tinkling piano – something not often found in the electronically-dominated music of today.”

A very nice Beecake review, read the rest  HERE!

Exploring New Worlds In Music

Music: Boyd’s Beecake are exploring new worlds in strongest release to date


Beecake at Eilid

FROM the movie set to the recording studio, few have had quite as varied a career as Scotland’s own Billy Boyd.The Lord of the Rings star is back with his band Beecake and their third album The World of Things, released last month.

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Listen to Billy on BBC Breakfast!

BBC Breakfast 2015Billy was a guest on BBC Breakfast, you can HERE it for the next 27 days!  Billy comes on at around the 2:12:40 mark.

Billy donated a photo of his grandmother, Martha, at her 100th birthday to their museum.

Billy Boyd’s comedy plans to revive Glasgow’s image

10531453_1553735598188165_8012791667699995669_oThe Herald is reporting that Billy is writing a new comedy set in Glasgow. Although its not  a musical, there is a lot of music as it revolves around a recording studio!

He also talks about promoting Beecake more this time around!  Read the rest HERE

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Billy appeared on The Janice Forsyth Show

Billy did a fun little interview on BBC radio, go HERE and you can listen, he appears around the 11 :15 mark

Janice Forsyth 3 janice forsyth show 1 janice forsyth show

Fantasy Con Welcomes Billy AND Beecake – 2016

Beecake at Eilid

FantasyCon sets new location, new date for 2016

Posted By on December 17, 2014, 12:05 PM

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New Billy Boyd – Interview from Collectormania

largeSo Billy welcome to Collectormania, how’s Beecake going?

Billy- Beecake is going great, in fact I was just on the phone with BJ who plays guitar, and we’re going to meet up with all the guys tomorrow because we’re putting up a festival in Inverness in a couple of weeks called ‘GoNORTH’, and we’re recording a new album. So we’ve got a lot of work to do in the next few weeks.

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Billy Travels to Salt Lake City for Fantasy Con July 3-5, 2014


SALT LAKE CITY — Science fiction authors, musicians, dwarves, hobbits, wizards and a dragon will all occupy the same city next weekend.

Three fan conventions covering the genres of fantasy and science fiction — FantasyCon, Westercon and CONduit — are scheduled at the same time for Salt Lake City between July 3 – 6. They’re also collaborating more than competing, giving interested fans the opportunity to experience the different conventions with one purchased admission.

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More from GoNorth! Hear 3 songs Beecake sang!

“The last act to play live on Radio GoNorth for 2014. Headed by Lord of the Rings Actor Billy Boyd you’d be forgiven for thinking that Beecake was a vanity project. These guys have been playing together since 2006 after getting together as an experiment before taking things more seriously. Strong songwriting and a real charm in their performance and interview. We couldn’t have hoped for a better band to sign off with until next years GoNorth festival.”  You can hear 3 songs, Blessed Eyes, Soul Swimming and their new one Harbour Hear the songs HERE
go north festival



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