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Two weeks left to get one of a kind collectibles from the stars of Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy and qualify to win tickets for Two to our U.S premiere

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Enter and WIN in the Billy Boyd/ Ecstasy Promo!!

3 contests, weekly winners, and 1 where everyone wins big.  How? Support @ ”Behind the Scenes” level or higher, get your one of a kind perk exclusive to IWE, & you will automatically qualify for all drawings & promos (excep: if you want to qualify for Billy’s contest make sure to place BB in the comment sections or his name).  Contribute here http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/103683  Every $10 u.s (converted as anyone can donate worldwide)= extra entry, and $1 u.s to qualify.

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Irvine Welshs Ecstasy screening at NXNE in Toronto!

Attention all Canadians!  Irvine Welshs Ecstasy will premiering in Toronto at NXNE on June 14th!  You can buy tickets and get info HERE


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Once in a life time chance to meet and chat with Billy Boyd and WIN cool stuff!

Ok all Billy Boyd fans,  Irvine Welshs Ecstasy has just made this incredible deal with all of us Billy fans!!   They noticed that there are almost 1000 fans on Basically Billy Boyd twitter group in addition to many fans on the BBB website and Facebook. If the group will bring in an average of $25 each for the approximate 1500 supporters [or total this amount, whichever comes first...meaning one person gives $1 but another gives $50 and it totals out in the end to the group total amount]….

  1. We will have a group CHAT with Billy Boyd where EVERYONE can log in, and hear from Billy Boyd and will be given advanced noticed of the time so that they can prepare (minimum of a month notice). Everyone will also be able to forward their questions!
  2. We will also pick live from the group people to call in from group who will get to SPEAK TO BILLY LIVE!
  3. Group members will win select Billy Memorabilia including an item from the set (his track pants from Ecstasy, see the pic).
  4.  Phone calls from BILLY!
  5. Various signed items from Billy!
  6. EVERYONE will get their question answered (handwritten by Billy with thanks to YOU and his signature) in addition to trying to answer as many questions as we can during the chat).
  7. We will also have an extended session where we will take on questions from anyone in the group who can get their questions in before the times up lol!
  8. Billy will also answer each and every one of YOUR questions with a handwritten thank you post card made out to YOU (in your name). That means everyone will be allowed to email one to two questions. Questions will need to be sent at the end of the campaign.
  9. YOU will also be in the weekly drawings that are shown on the Ingigogo fundraiser site
  10. YOU will also qualify for the GRAND PRIZE drawing (and if one of the “Billy Boyd” fan club members is picked as the grand prize winner they will be whisked off to meet Billy Boyd in person in addition to seeing him at the premiere, and events, and also being a part of the Q & A).

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WHO is going to ENTER? – THE MEGA CONTEST – U.S Premiere Opening Weeking Contest to hob knob with the stars         ANYONE CAN WIN A TRIP WORLDWIDE TO IRVINE WELSH’S ECSTASY U.S PREMIERE

Win tickets to premiere (for 2) including flight and lodging (worldwide can qualify and enter), vip entry, exciting events, dinner… with Rob & surprise guests (surprise cast/crew/ maybe even Irvine) plus ever growing goody bag featuring some of our partners best items.

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Let Billy Boyd answer your phone calls!

Let Billy do your voicemail message greeting! Imagine your friends’ surprise when they’re greeted by a voicemail of BILLY BOYD telling them that they have reached your number & asking them to leave a message!!  Plus whatever other cute/funny/adorable little comments he may make for you!

GO HERE!!   Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy Goes World Wide With Your Help! www.indiegogo.com

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Want to own a little piece of Billy Boyd?

Well there are a few ways!

1. Donate any amount to help get Irvine Welshs Ecstasy distributed world wide and recieve a very nice thank you in return!  See details HERE

2. You can bid on wardrobe that Billy wore in The Forger (formally Carmel) HERE

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Help Billy Boyd’s Ecstasy go world wide!!

You can help get the incredible independent film, Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy go WORLD WIDE by donating to a special fund!  You can donate as little as $1 on up to any amount you want!

AND they will send you some great gifts as an incentive for each donation!  Check it out HERE

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YOU can help Billy Boyd’s Ecstasy go WORLD WIDE and get some fantastic perks in return!!!

“You love Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy….you’ve heard the stories about the struggle for independent funding and Rob’s mission to keep the vision pure. As such, it took Eleven years to bring “Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy” to life because Rob wanted to give the fans what they deserved.   We don’t have a big studio budget behind us…we just have the fans.  Support the Independent Spirit by helping us to spread “Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy” across the world!  We need your help to make sure that this Independent film has a life and strong presence in theaters.  Let’s give “Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy“ the legs it needs to stand along-side studio films that have bigger budgets while allowing it to have a further reach for the enjoyment of fans.”

They need at least $125,000 and YOU can help!!  Go HERE and make whatever donation you want and just look at what you will get in return!!!

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Scots star Billy Boyd hits out as film version of Irvine Welsh novel is shot in Canada

“HIS latest movie could have been a shot in the arm for our film industry – but Billy Boyd is frustrated that new “Scottish” flick Ecstasy is full of Canadians.

The Lord of The Rings star, from Cranhill, Glasgow, has spoken out about the “nightmare” scenario faced by Canadian film-maker Rob Heydon when he tried to secure funding from creative bodies in Scotland for the film adapted from an Irvine Welsh story.

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Beecakes 2nd official music video, The Clown

 photo new-Copy_zps556365af.jpg From rehearsal for Macbeth
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