Billy surprised Elaine with this wonderful thank you on 9-20-06…

Billy thanks the BBB!

Billy Boyd With Mustach


From Beecakes MySpace 1/14/09

Lang may yer lumb reek!

Happy New Year!!! ( slightly late ) and I hope it brings exactly what you wish for (or exactly what you need!). Just wanted to write a quick note as I found another quick note, which I wrote around April this year and forgot to post! This one should have gone on (which some of you may have noticed has disappeared from the internet!) this was for no other reason than I felt I wasn’t updating it as much as I should be and therefore it sat there making me feel guilty that I wasn’t updating it and the worry that I wasn’t updating it was taking up so much of my time that I had no time left to update it! It was a vicious circle that resulted in a clean up ( mentally and internetadly ) but will be back I’m sure. Anyway here’s the note from April….. Hello everyone just wanted to put pen to paper (or finger to keys!) to say thank you to everyone who sent a card or gift to Jack on his second birthday. I can’t believe how thoughtful and kind you all are. Jack had a great time opening all his gifts, reading the cards and in particular dancing to the musical ones! Everyone who is involved in the BBB and donated to Jack’s grove at Trees for Life, a very special thanks. What a perfect gift for Jack. I can’t tell you how touched Ali and I were to receive such a beautiful and perfectly chosen gift for our boy. I look forward to taking him there one day and watching him climb the highest tree! I will, obviously post photos. Thank you so much again for your gifts and kind wishes and for all your time, energy and support. So that was April and here we are in Jan 2009. Just finished the Album! That was hard work! But lots of laughs and daftness, I hope you all enjoy the results of our endeavours. Thank you so much for the support you have given Beecake and I promise we will be out playing a lot of shows this year. And for all of you who have been following what I’ve been doing these last few years, thank you so much for your love and support, you have no idea how much it means to me and I promise it won’t be a year till my next note. Lots of love, Billy X


And from Rick Martin-1/11/10

Hey there all our friends at the Bliiy Boyd Board, this is Rick writting on behalf of all the Beecake family, who have now recieved the goodies you were so kind to send us over the festive period. To say we were blown away is an understatement, it is so nice to know you are all thinking of us and our loved ones at this time of year and would like to take this oppertunity to return your good wishes to yourselves and your loved ones.
We are working on some projects for 2010 and are looking forward to more shows and new music, all of which couldn’t happen without you guys, so we thank you all so much for your continued support

Wishing you all the very best for 2010
all our love
BJ, Billy, John & Rick XXX


Excerpt from an email from Billy to me dated: 3/2/2010 9:34 PM

“I can’t thank you and Elaine enough for all the work you have done, it really means an awful lot to me, more than I can say…and if I don’t say it enough, I should and I’m sorry for that. I love the BBB and use it myself sometimes to see what is going on with my projects! You usually know before me!!!

So a million million thanks and if there is anything I can do, like name picking ( I’m leaning towards Basically Billy Boyd) I like the BBB thing too, just drop me a note.

I hope all is going good with you and Elaine, Please send her my love. And love and thanks to anyone who’s been over to the BBB.

Thanks again Penny, Billy x”


Catty Raina Cox@CowgirlRaina  @OfficialBeecake How was Jack’s lovely birthday? Did he enjoy the trees @BasicallyBillyB and others planted for him? xCRC

Beecake @OfficialBeecake @CowgirlRaina @basicallybillyb thank you so much everyone who gave for jacks birthday.The grove of trees is just the most wonderful idea.BBx