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Hello and welcome to the opening of the site. I hope you enjoy what we’ve done, I can honestly say that myself and the people at Biscuit Media have had a great time developing it and thank god I had such talented people to help, as I have enough problems sending an e-mail never mind anything else computer based.

Well it’s been quite a busy couple of weeks as well as getting the site ready I turned 33 which was fantastic! My Grandmother turned 100 which I’m sure you’ll agree is infinitely more fantastic and to be honest her birthday completely upstaged mine!!! But I’m sure I can forgive her that, she really is an incredible lady.

After Grans Birthday party I took a trip to Cornwall in the south of England to do some surfing and to meet up with a friend, Dave Williams, who worked on Lord of the Rings and who also taught myself and a few others how to surf. After a day in Cornwall we were joined by Dom Monaghan ( Merry in Lord of the rings) this was great as we thought he was going to be to busy to make it but as luck would have it his schedule changed at the last minute and he was able to join us for what turned out to be some incredible waves and just an all round great week. For anyone who has never made it to Cornwall I couldn’t recommend it too highly, it is incredibly beautiful and full of history and character. It was so good to see Dave and Dom again, one of the many great things I took away from my year and a half in New Zealand was the amazing friends that I made, another is surfing!

Just before I started writing this note I was doing some pre-rehearsal work on a script for a play I am about to start rehearsing this week at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. It’s called “The Ballad of Crazy Paula” by the Belgian writer Arne Sierens and we will be working from the new translation by Stephen Greenhorn. It’s a really great script and I am looking forward to rehearsals immensely and also to working with the director Philip Howard again, we have worked on a couple of plays together and we always seem to have a good time. There are two characters in the play Raymond, played by myself and Paula who will be played by Kath Howden, who I think is an incredible actress and whom I have not as yet had the pleasure to work with, so that’s another plus. Hopefully I will write soon to let you know how rehearsals are going.

Well I’ll stop rambling for now. I hope you enjoy the site, please drop by again sometime, until then, take care,

lots of love, Billy.



Well, that’s the run of “The Balled of Crazy Paula” finished. Actually it finished over a week ago, but I spent most of this week in bed or catching up with paper work, bills etc (not my favourite pastime!). I had a great time on “The Ballad…”, I don’t think I have done a play before that changed so much night to night. I think this was mainly because Kath Howden and I trusted each other so much but it also depended the theatre we were playing, the feedback from the audience and no doubt many other variables. This made it incredibly interesting to play, and I looked forward to the show every night.

Another great thing about doing this play was getting the chance to tour around Scotland. I think I am in the majority when I say I’m one of those people who doesn’t take the time to see their own country, we are all so busy trying to get abroad to see other countries. Scotland is an incredibly beautiful country especially up the North West coast which I had the pleasure of driving down only a couple of weeks ago making my way from Orkney to Ullapool. I could not believe the beauty. The colours of the trees at this time of year was breathtaking and just driving through the glens surrounded by ancient snow -capped mountains with no people in sight was incredible. If only the weather was better I’m sure this part of Scotland would be over-run with tourists (maybe it’s a good thing that its not!).

Where do the days go? There is now just over a week before I travel out to the States to do publicity for The Fellowship of the Ring, this should be very exciting. Can’t wait to see the guys again and also have a chance to see the movie at last.

I best be off now I’ve got a lot to do before I leave next week (videos to watch, coffee to drink etc). I hope you are all well and I will write again soon, hopefully just after the premier of F.O.T.R. which is in London on the 10th of December, incidentally Stewart, the computer genius, from Biscuit Media will be one of my guests at this premiere. I’m not sure if this is a great idea…… this Diva title he now seems to have is starting to show itself in many intriguing and often scary ways. Speak to you soon.

Take care, have fun, lots of love, Billy.



Well Hello, it has been quite some time since my last diary entry but this isn’t completely my fault! It all began after the premieres, just before the New Year, when I decided to put some work in on my time machine experiment. This resulted in such pandemonium to our time line that things are only now just getting back to normal; I may talk about these events some time in the future when they are not so fresh and painful!

As I mentioned the premieres I should fill you in with some of the fun. As a lot of you might know the world premier was in London but for the week before that we all took part in a press junket in New York. Now I’m sure you have all read how surreal junkets can be but I don’t think this can be emphasised too strongly. To spend six days answering the same questions every ten minutes to different journalists could easily send a sane man mad. Luckily I spent most of the interviews with Sean, Dom and Elijah or some combination of the three so we always managed to have a good laugh. On top of this we had the evenings off so we could spend them catching up on what everyone had been doing for the past few months, I also caught up with a friend from Scotland who now stays in New York, and also managed to catch Ian McKellen’s show on Broadway, which was the first time I had saw him on stage and confirmed to me what an incredible actor he is.

Then we all headed over to London where I caught up with my sister and a few friends who would all accompany me to the premier. The junket in London didn’t seem quite as surreal, I think this was because I recognised the journalists and could associate them with their news papers or T.V programmes. I’m sure if you ask the American actors they would have had the complete opposite experience. As I am writing this I am thinking how much I look forward to the times when the L.O.T.R cast meet up and as I am leaving for L.A very soon I realise that one of these meetings is imminent.

The London premiere was an incredibly special night and I was so glad I could share it with my friends and family. A night that will stay with me forever. I’m sure there are some details about it in the interview section (including seeing it from Stewart, from Biscuit Media’s, point of view). A treat I’m sure you will agree. Then came a whirlwind tour of the globe, taking in as many premieres as possible. One of the best things about being an actor is being given the opportunity to travel, although given the choice I would rather spend more than three days when visiting a country! This tour of the globe included such highlights as partying at bungalow 8 in New York, visiting Strawberry fields in Central park, eating sushi on Sunset Blvd, surfing with the boys in N.Z, catching some sun on a beach in Sydney 2 days before Christmas. I’m sure these stories will be fleshed out and added to some time in the future, if not in a diary entry then certainly in an interview. But at the moment I’m off to bed. I’m meeting my sister Margaret and some friends for lunch tomorrow and I want to get up early to put in some hours on that blasted time machine. If I manage to work out the problems with it maybe I’ll meet them yesterday.

Have fun, take care,
love Billy.xxxx‘



Hello, not sure where you are but I’m in Scotland! Which is great. Been back here for a little while now and having some time to catch up with friends and do some things I haven’t really had time to do, important things like sleeping and playstation, and also having time to speak to the BMG’s and read the posts on the forum, I love the way this web page has developed in an organic way with lots of really interesting points of discussion and witty posts, there is nothing better than having a laugh and I can honestly say I laughed out loud at some of the gags I read, some very funny people out there!!! and great to see that people from many different country’s and backgrounds can all get each other, and, on the whole, understand and accept other peoples sense of humour and way of thinking. One of the most difficult skills in life I think is to see life through someone else’s eyes. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank BMG for the fantastic work they have done in creating a web site which at it’s source is a business site but seems to be a great place for people to come and have a chat, discuss points of interest and maybe even meet some friends. A hard job I think they have (sorry to sound like Yoda) but I couldn’t ask for a better site to represent me. Thank you.

Scotland is really beautiful at the moment, I’m sure the weather is much better than it normally is at this time of year, I’m sitting in my sisters front room at the moment looking out at a wonderful morning and thinking I should really get in the shower and do something. For those of you who live in all year round hot country’s you probably don’t get that feeling of guilt that us further north or south get that it seems almost sinful to stay indoors on a warm day! I mean all I really want to do today is go and see X-Men 2, which I haven’t seen yet, and which I have been trying to see since it came out but something always seems to come up. Always a treat to see Ian Mckellan whether on stage or screen and as I will be seeing him soon for pick ups in New Zealand I don’t want to tell him I haven’t made it to see his movie! By the way for anyone who can get to London to see his play and haven’t do your self a favour and go!!! It is a wonderful production and a chance to see an acting legend, you’ll kick yourself when it’s run stops and you’ve missed it.

Just spent two days on the west coast of Scotland at Macrahanish (if that is spelt correctly it was totally by accident, I know there is probably a spell check on this computer but 1 I don’t know where it is and 2 it probably doesn’t have Macrahanish in it). Anyway went there with Scott who is a friend and is also the man who cuts my hair at his salon YF in Hope street Glasgow. Scott hadn’t surfed before but was very keen to start so off we went for the 3 hour drive to the waves. Now after me saying how beautiful it has been in Scotland lately of course it rained when we got to the beach but there were waves although they were quite stormy and not the best conditions I’d seen but Scott really went for it and we spent quite some time braving the cold waters of Scotland and Scott’s main problem seemed to be getting out of his wet suit after using all his energy in the water, a problem I’ve had myself on many occasion.

I remember almost being in tears in Wellington trying to get out of a borrowed suit, from Dom Monaghan, in the height of winter in the pouring rain. But I’m sure we have another convert to surfing in Scott, which is great as I normally have no-one in Scotland to go out with. Saying that Dom is coming to Scotland soon filming a new film so no doubt he’ll be keen to get in the water, especially when he sees the amazing weather we are having…talking of which I’m off to enjoy the weather, which probably means spending the afternoon with the X-Men.

Tons of love, Billy XXXxxx

Oh one last thing….What’s blue and smells of red paint?


2009- Beecakes Myspace

Happy New Year!!! ( slightly late ) and I hope it brings exactly what you wish for (or exactly what you need!). Just wanted to write a quick note as I found another quick note, which I wrote around April this year and forgot to post!

This one should have gone on (which some of you may have noticed has disappeared from the internet!) this was for no other reason than I felt I wasn’t updating it as much as I should be and therefore it sat there making me feel guilty that I wasn’t updating it and the worry that I wasn’t updating it was taking up so much of my time that I had no time left to update it! It was a vicious circle that resulted in a clean up ( mentally and internetadly ) but will be back I’m sure.

Anyway here’s the note from April….. Hello everyone just wanted to put pen to paper (or finger to keys!) to say thank you to everyone who sent a card or gift to Jack on his second birthday. I can’t believe how thoughtful and kind you all are. Jack had a great time opening all his gifts, reading the cards and in particular dancing to the musical ones! Everyone who is involved in the BBB and donated to Jack’s grove at Trees for Life, a very special thanks. What a perfect gift for Jack. I can’t tell you how touched Ali and I were to receive such a beautiful and perfectly chosen gift for our boy. I look forward to taking him there one day and watching him climb the highest tree! I will, obviously post photos. Thank you so much again for your gifts and kind wishes and for all your time, energy and support.

So that was April and here we are in Jan 2009. Just finished the Album! That was hard work! But lots of laughs and daftness, I hope you all enjoy the results of our endeavours. Thank you so much for the support you have given Beecake and I promise we will be out playing a lot of shows this year. And for all of you who have been following what I’ve been doing these last few years, thank you so much for your love and support, you have no idea how much it means to me and I promise it won’t be a year till my next note.

Lots of love, Billy X

Posted on Jan 14, 2009


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