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Billy Boyd is new Patron of National Youth Choir of Scotland National Boys Choir |

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Billy Boyd is new Patron of National Youth Choir of Scotland National Boys Choir

Billy Boyd is now the Patron of the National Youth Choir of Scotland National Boys Choir.

Says Billy: “Singing has always been a huge part of my life. These days I still sing as well as act, and sometimes manage to do both together (as in Lord of the Rings). I’d have loved to have had the opportunity that the talented young singers in the NYCoS National Boys Choir currently have, and so am delighted to be able to support them as patron.”


4 Responses to “Billy Boyd is new Patron of National Youth Choir of Scotland National Boys Choir”

  • Kay says:

    aw lovely well done Billy and well said!

  • Sandi says:

    They can’t go wrong with a guy such as Billy as their patron!…He inspires people to do anything they could possibly want to do!!…To become the best they can, to do it without becoming arrogant or obnoxious, to stay grounded and also to always remember the less fortunate!!!…His gentleness and charm encourage all of us to become better people!!…Isn’t that why we love him so….

  • Penny says:

    oh Sandi, I couldnt have said that better myself!

  • Sharry says:

    What inspiring news – he’s such a shining example of someone who loves, appreciates, and understands his own talent. Consequently, he’s an excellent choice for patron for the boys choir. Well done everyone!



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